Diesel Engine Special

Sr. No Product Name Product code Specifications
1 Frequency to Voltage Convertor TFV 2700 Supply - 24V DC, Input -Sine wave, Output - 0-5V DC
2 Sine Wave to Square Wave Convertor TSC-12SISQ Supply - 12 V DC, Input - Sine wave, Output - Square wave, Fully Potted.
3 Frequency to Current Convertor TFI 2700 Supply - 24 V. DC., Input - Sine wave frequency 0 TO 5000 HZ, Output  4 TO 20 mA, Size 100 X 70 X 95 DIN
4 Switch Over Speed Card SOS-xxx Supply - 12V DC, Input - MPU, xxx Teeth gear, Trip at 4500 Hz, Size 45 X 100 mm
5 Safety Device Controls Test Rig Kit AX1001275 Simulator for testing of temperature, Pressure and RPM Safety Devices for Diesel Engines
6 Universal Simulator for ECPG AX1005541 Universal Simulator for ECPG, EFC, ECP
7 EFC testing Kit AX1006744 EFC test kit containing EFC Cable, Tachometer for 142 teeth gear